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sensor overview

NTC and K-type sensors

Situne delivers a wide range of temperature sensors for use together with the Smart Dash system. Resistive NTC and Thermocouple are the most commonly used measurement technologies.

Our NTC sensors are delivered with different threads to suit your application. All NTC sensors features a standardized 2-pin EV1 connector. You can connect up to eight NTC sensors to the Data Acquisition Hub (DAH).

Thermocouple K-type sensors are traditionally used to measure higher temperatures, and they also got a better accuracy. It’s not possible to connect a K-type sensor directly to the DAH but you will need a Thermocouple to CAN converter (T2C) are required.

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Position sensors

Situne delivers a range of high quality sensors from known suppliers like Multisense UK, Micro Epsilon and TE (Celesco).

Linear position sensors are commonly used to measure suspension travel, but can also be used to measure all kinds of linear movement.

Draw wire displacement sensors are easy to install and often used to measure steering angle. 

Universal pressure sensors

Situne delivers pressure sensors ranging from 5 Bar to 250 Bar maximum pressure. Our sensors can be used for measuring both gas and liquids, including fuels. 

The Stainless Steel body houses a Swiss made ceramic pressure element ensuring stable reading and long lifespan.

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