What is it?

Smart Dash is a complete data acquisition, telemetry and monitoring system for all kinds of motorsports. Connect Smart Dash to your existing aftermarket ECU or use it stand alone with dedicated sensors. This cost effective and easy-to-use system can save you from costly engine damages and teach you how to drive faster, faster!

Sensor overview

Utilize the power in your Smartphone

Smart Dash utilizes the power of modern smart devices. Download the Smart Dash application (currently iOS support only) and use your iPhone or iPad to set warning/alarm levels for each parameter. If one of the values gets out of the predefined range, a clear warning is given to the driver by the LEDbar. The LEDbar can also function as a shift-light and a predictive lap timing instrument.

Get full overview of the vehicle status on the app through aircraft inspired graphical interface. Through extensive research and development we have achieve a super fast display of live data, with virtually no latency compared to other systems currently on the market. All data collected are also transmitted through your phone’s 4G network so your crew members can monitor live vehicle data in the pit, or home in the sofa.

Once the driving session is completed all logged data is automatically uploaded to cloud, ready to be analyzed with the easy to use Track Attack computer software (available for both Mac and Windows). No previous experience with analyzing software is required, our focus has been on making data logging and analyzing accessible for everyone!

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Protected: Smart Dash Starter Kit

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Includes everything you need to get going

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