Porsche 911 GT2 Project Kick-Off!


The goal with this project is to build a Classic 911 loaded with modern technology to make it go really fast! We aim for a power to weight ratio close to 1:1 (one Kg per Bhp) as the car will compete in the crazy Gatebil Extreme racing series. Situne is the main sponsor behind Vidar Frogner’s project and will contribute with a lot of high tech solutions including installation of a complete electrical system and a prototype of our new Matrix Monitoring System


The chassis was originally built by Freisinger Motorsport in Germany back in 1996. One of the main modifications they did was to re-locate the front suspension mountings to achieve a lower center of gravity for the car. They also installed a good safety roll-cage and stiffed the chassis according to GT2 EVO2 spec. The car has been racing since it was new and gained many victories in both Germany, Sweden and Norway. Vidar got the car in 2014 after his old GT2 tragically got up in flames. Vidar have been driving really fast with air cooled Porsche before, see the Speedhunters feature


911-back Some fast facts:

  • 3,6 liter air-cooled twin turbo engine with close to 1000BHP
  • Reinforced 997 Cup gearbox with OBR paddle shift system
  • All body panels produced in carbon composite by Elite projects
  • BBS 14×18″ and 12×18″ wheesl
  • Situne prototype monitoring and log system