Situne are currently developing a new and innovative display and log system. If you would like to keep up with what we are doing please stay tuned to our Development blog – We want to share the fun with you!


The philosophy behind the Situne Smart Dash is based on the fact that race car drivers need to concentrate on the driving and keep their eyes on the road. If there is a problem with the vehicle the driver needs to be informed in a clear way that can’t be misinterpreted. Distractions should be kept to an absolute minimum. On the other hand, when you are doing vehicle track testing or warm-up in the pit you need as much information as possible. To achieve this our system streams all the sensor data to your iPhone or iPad. We believe laptops with cables are a thing of the past.

Need-to-know basis

All sensor data from the vehicle is gathered by the sensor hub and compared to the pre-set limits you have chosen in the app. If everything is within safe operating area the matrix display is black. If there is something wrong with the car or the engine causing a parameter to be outside safe operating margins the matrix display will light up and show you a warning.

Situne Smart Dash uses Bluetooth Smart technology to connect to your tablet/phone to display all current values live, and also log to file and even source to cloud or pit via 4G/LTE networks.

system-overview-mms1- Matrix display

Bright 8×48 pixels LED matrix display with a 12 LED shift light on the top. Under normal operation the display is empty, warnings only when necessary. Shows gear position if desired.

2- Smart device

Just install our Smart Dash app and connect to the system with Bluetooth 4.0. You will be able to log and monitor all data on your device. Also send data to cloud through 4G/LTE. Your pit crew will be able to view real time data.

3- Sensor hub

The sensor hub lets you connect eight sensors, RPM and CANbus. It also has a built in 20 Hz GPS module.

4- Sensors

Can be a combination of EGT 0-5 Volt signals and resistive sensors.

5- EGT sensor node

Connect the K-type exhaust gas temperature sensors to the Situne EGT-CAN converter. Per cylinder measurement gives a clear indication if something is wrong with your combustion.




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