Placement of electronic control modules

In addition to our Matrix Monitor System we are installing control modules from OBR in UK (Ole Buhl Racing). The first step in the installation is to place all the interfaces in the best possible position. When all control units, sensors and actuators are proper mounted in the vehicle we can start building the wiring harness that connects it all together.

obr_pcm2euro8paddleshifsys  m-box-prototype

The engine control unit of choice is a EFI Euro-8, witch also will control the air operated paddle shift gearbox. Instead of conventional fuses and relays we also install a PCM2 (power control module) witch is fully programmable trough PC software.


The Situne M-Box and EFI Euro-8 sits on a carbon plate fixed on rubber mounts behind the seats. The communication between the Matrix Monitor System, ECU, M4 ABS and PCM will be multiple CAN bus networks.


img_7210    img_7209

Bosch M4 programmable ABS system has the control module integrated into the pump module. The Euro-8 ECU will receive wheel speed signals trough CAN bus for the Traction control strategy.

The electric hydraulic pump can be seen under the ABS unit.


img_7254    img_7228

It’s important to mount the air tank close to the gear box cylinder to minimize pressure drop during gearshift. Exact timing is essential to these systems to operate proper.

The solid state main switch are delivered by Cartek in UK. It’s a small device that disconnects the battery from chassis ground and sends a signal to the PCM/ECU to shut down the engine. It’s operated by an main switch on the dash and a emergency switch outside below the wind screen.


Video of coil pack bracket