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Smart Dash Wiring Guide (Work in Progress)


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Pinout of the Smart Dash DAH-280 is shared here in a google document:

Most common wiring types are as follows:

1. CAN-Bus based ECU no analog sensors

ECUs with CAN-Bus interfaces can be wired directly to the DAH-280. The CAN-BUS uses two wires for communication: CAN_L and CAN_H, these wires are routed directly to the respective wires on the DAH-280 (CAN_H (C7), CAN_L (C6)). For the CAN-Bus to communicate properly the bus needs to be terminated correctly. The correct is to terminate in each end of the bus wire with 120 Ohms. The DAH-280 includes SW selectable termination, this means that you can easily turn on and off the termination resistor inside the DAH-280 with the smart phone application. Go into the Setup menu and select your device, then turn on the switch for CAN1 termination to enable the termination resistor. Touch the Save button in the upper right corner to write to the DAH-280, and termination is enabled.

When using the DAH-280 with a CAN-Bus based ECU, the protocol for the ECU must be selected.
Situne implements the most commonly used aftermarket ECUs and also some OEM ECUs where we have had them available. If you need support for a ECU that is not implemented at the moment, please e-mail us or use our contact form to request implementation of your ECU's protocol.

The wiring when using only CAN-Bus is pretty simple. What you need to connect are:
  • A1 +12V supply. Connect to ignition sw via 5A fuse
  • B1 GND supply. Connect to chassis
  • C6 CAN1_L (CAN1 Bus low wire) Connect to ECU CAN_L
  • C7 CAN1_H (CAN1 Bus high wire)Connect to ECU CAN_H

Configuring the DAH-280 is as simple as opening the app and going into Setup and selecting your unit and setup the following parameters:
  • CAN Bus 1 Speed (Set speed to match your ECU CAN-Bus Speed
  • CAN Bus 1 Protocol. (Set protocol to match your ECUs type
  • CAN Bus 1 Termination. (Set termination based on your wiring, more on this in a later post)

2. Non CAN-BUS ECU, analog sensors connected to DAH-280

Some old aftermarket, or OEM ECUs do not support CAN-Bus, which means that one will need to hook up analog sensors for the parameters you want to monitor. The DAH-280 has 8 analog channels, these can be configured through the smart phone application to be 0-5V analog inputs or NTC thermistor inputs (for all analog temperature sensors). As of this writing, only Situne Sensors are supported, but there will be possible to use custom sensors in the future. The DAH-280 has two +5V analog sensor supplies, these can be shared on mutiple sensors, normal configuration is that channel 1 through 4 share one +5V and one sensor GND and channels 5 through 8 share the other +5V supply and sensor GND. This is the recommended configuration.

We will post a new thread with screenshots on how you configure the analog channels through the smart phone application, it is pretty simple :)

3. ECU with CAN and supplemental sensors connected to analog channels

This is the most advanced configuration, and are used by some of our customers which either have parameters they want to monitor, but the sensors are not available through the ECU CAN-Bus interface. This is a combination of the two configurations listed earlier in this post.

Ole A.
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