Exhaust system


The Turbo manifolds are TIG welded in material 321 stainless steel. Biggest advantage by using 321 is the material’s stability when heated or cooled. This make it less likely to crack over time because we get less stress.





Flanges are laser cut from 12mm plate and the collectors are supplied by Burns Stainless from US. The 3-1 collector is short and placed close to the turbo inlet to help us get a fast spool up time. The theory is that exhaust gas pulses cause the turbine to spool up faster than a steady gas flow.



First step in the process was to place the two Borg Warner turbos and bolt in the six cylinder head flanges. Then pipes was then adjusted to equal length and tack welded. When all runners was tacked together the complete header was moved over and bolted to a jig on the work bench. Headers was then proper welded with back purging gas feed trough the jig.


img_7492-1920     img_8204-1920


We are installing six Situne EGTS01 sensors to measure exhaust gas temp. It’s important to weld the fittings equal length from the flanges (in this case 25mm).  It’s also very important to adjust the length of the sensor tip into the pipe. Ideally the tip shall be in the middle of the gas flow / middle of the pipe diameter.


Finish exhaust system before and after heat insulating ceramic coating:




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