Engine preparation

We are going trough the engine and have now made some measurements and modifications. The basis is a stock V10 5,2liter FSI engine straight from Lamborghini.

We are removing the direct injection system by blanking the HP pumps and installing a port injection adapter instead of the swirl flap module. The new parts can bee seen in orange color. The compression ratio will remain stock as we intend to run a progressive boost control and maximum of 6-7 psi MAP.





img_7097     img_7261

The direct injection system and swirl flaps are here removed. Instead of having the injectors spraying directly into the combustion chamber we pacing them in a nice CNC machined inlet manifold with conventional low pressure 1000cc injectors.



img_7259   camshaft-notch

The engine got four adjustable camshafts. We measured out the hall sensor trigger pattern on each camshaft by turning the engine while reading out the oscilloscope and crankshaft degrees.