Designing new suspension components

We are now in the process of designing new suspension components for the PL900. Povilas Lencevičius are doing a great job in Lithuania and we are pleased to work with his company NP parts.

Basically we are re-using geometry from the GT3 setup. The mounting points will be more or less the same as Reiter has developed for Lamborghini, but we are designing new control arms that will be made from a huge aluminium billet. With the extra power from the twin turbo engine we need to be sure all parts are strong enough.



The design process involves some discussions and design reviews. We will make the front lower control arms in three pieces due to the manufacturing process.


redesign   redesign2

The original GT3 control arms are made of steel. Our goal is to get both lighter and stronger parts from our CNC manufactured aluminium parts. According to calculations we gain 400 grams on one of the smaller arms.


img_7033   img_7036

We’re looking forward to receive the parts anodized in black or gold. A new post will follow when we install the pieces in the freshly painted chassis. This will be epic.