It’s not much left of the Porsche interior, in fact the only thing left is the dials… The floor, dash and all other panels are custom made from carbon fibre. We keep the old fashion gauges and dash padding to maintain the classic look of a Porsche interior.

Our matrix display will be mounted just above the steering wheel, and the iPad for setup will be placed in a hoolder right side of the switch panel.

The plan is also to make the standard gauges work by sending analogue signals out from our programmable modular box. This could potentially be a standalone product for classic cars with newer engines, solving the problem with incompatible sensors. These gauges is of course not suitable for racing, but its a nice touch in a classic car.




Centre switch console

We have designed a carbon fibre console for the membrane sw panel witch have all the buttons needed.  It’s designed by Situne and will be manufactured by OBR in the UK. Hope to get the membrane soon, the paper mock-up will do until then:)


situne-obr-msp-1920     situne-msp-rear-1920


Here is an overview of the functions: