Suspension parts installed

We have now got all the suspension parts and installed them on the chassis. Custom made, stronger and lighter than the original GT3 parts.          


Engine ready for dyno

The V10 engine is finally ready for the dyno room! Our biggest concern is heat management, but hopefully the ethanol fuel will help cool things down. All hoses and exposed …


Wiring harness – Engine loom

The wiring harness for the V10 engine is ready to be installed. We have reused some parts of the original Lamborghini / Audi harness but most of it is new. …


Exhaust system

The Turbo manifolds for the Lamborghini engine are now ready, custom fabricated by JAAS performance in Norway. One of the special features on these manifolds are the waste gate design. On …


Moving forward with the chassis

We are slowly moving forward with assembling the chassis. A lot of brackets, panels, bits and pieces has to be made. It’s time consuming but we’re getting there..        …


Aerodynamics by AMB aero

We are happy to announce that AMB aero will work with us on the aerodynamics for Situne LP900.  Andrew Brilliant and his team will soon start the development process that …


Chassis back from paint

We got the GT3 chassis back in the workshop and can now start assembling parts. The color of choice is “fighter-jet-grey” in favor of the traditional “motorsport white”. The grey …


Engine preparation

We are going trough the engine and have now made some measurements and modifications. The basis is a stock V10 5,2liter FSI engine straight from Lamborghini. We are removing the direct …


Designing new suspension components

We are now in the process of designing new suspension components for the PL900. Povilas Lencevičius are doing a great job in Lithuania and we are pleased to work with his …


Wire harness – getting an overview

Situne will design and manufacture a bespoke wiring loom for the LP900. The V10 engine came complete with a standard loom but it’s not quite suitable for what we are …