Aerodynamics by AMB aero

We are happy to announce that AMB aero will work with us on the aerodynamics for Situne LP900.  Andrew Brilliant and his team will soon start the development process that will dramatically change both the looks and characteristics on our car!

We only got time for some smaller modifications on the current Gallardo bodywork for the coming season, but during 2017 our goal is to get ready a completely redesigned bodywork. More information will follow!



Picture showing a 3D scan of a standard GT3 Lamborghini Gallardo. This is what AMB start of with


Example of modern CFD analysis done in Ansys software:



AMB Aero is a complete end-to-end design service with winning race and championship history at many levels of motorsport, all over the world!

From their website: “Comprehending aerodynamics is both an art and a science. Successfully employing engineered aero requires addressing specific challenges in all areas of the project while satisfying the customer’s overall objectives and constraints.  Realizing the value of aero requires the right amount of education to the right people who can deliver this vision.”

Situne are really looking forward to cooperate and aim to create something truly special ready for 2018


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