About Situne

Situne is a Norwegian based engineering company offering innovative solutions for motorsport and other sectors with high demands. The company was founded in the early 2000’s by two eager engineers with a desire for motor racing and advanced engineering. We can assist you with Software and Firmware development, hardware design, mechanical design / CAD. Our combined competence from both mechanics and electronics makes us a winning team.   

In 2015 we began developing a new and innovative logging and warning system for motorsport. Our goal is to create a user friendly, cost effective, yet powerful system which would appeal to the largest possible portion of motorsport athletes. W call it Smart Dash.


Key personnel:

Ole A. Torvmark

B.Sc.E.E. with 20+ years of experience in hardware, firmware and software development. Expertise in low power wireless communications and Bluetooth specialist.

Morten Sivertsen

Automotive technician. 10 years of experience from the auto industry and 13 years of experience from offshore subsea operations. Expertise in mechanical design, hardware and product development.

June Elise M. Sørensen
Administration, press

Journalist and motorsport editor. More than 20 years of experience from media and communications. Expertise in customer service and administration.

Total Relevant expertise:

  • 25 years in hardware design
  • 20 years technical and mechanical engineering
  • 15 years developing Low Power RF systems
  • 20 years developing micro controller firmware
  • 8 years in app development
  • Involved in motorsport in different levels for the last two decades