Situne started back in the early 2000’s making custom electronic solutions for motorsport and automotive. The FYK project and the old screaming Escort RR are examples of these early efforts. During the years it has been a lot of interesting car projects and the common thread has always been innovation, high tech and cost effective solutions.


A preferred partner

In addition to our automotive projects we have been involved as a contractor working in many different sectors. Our combined skills on both mechanical and electronic engineering makes us a preferred partner. Our project portfolio span from software/firmware development for multi billion dollar companies, to mechanical CAD / prototyping for smaller startup companies and inventors. To get a little idea of the variety in our work please look behind the logos further down. As you will discover many of our client projects involve implementation of advanced wireless technology. Bluetooth Smart / Low power RF is one of our primary knowledge areas.


Passionate about motorsport

We are dedicated to bring the knowledge gained from these clients projects into our new line of motorsport products. By utilizing Smartphones /tablets as the general user interface combined with new wireless technology we believe we can deliver the next generation of easy to use motorsport products. Follow our development blog for further information.

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