Testing 2020 Aero package

This year has been different… But finally, today we got the chance to visit Rudskogen Racetrack with the 993 GT2 evo. A new personal best laptime was set by Vidar Frogner, during the first shakedown session this year. We are working together with the team trying to optimize the ride height for the best possible aero performance.

Here is a video of todays best lap at Rudskogen Racetrack.

Check out the video clip from the best lap of the day 1:21.69

In the pictures below you can see the suspension potentiometers attached to the control arm. The Smart Dash system logs this and since we know the spring load we can calculate DF figures from the measured suspension travel. We also benefit by having live telemetry data to pit so we can make quick adjustments to for example the bump stops.

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